Friday, May 25, 2012

Myth & Madness: Free Copy Weekend

Posted by M.L. Falconer on 3:39 PM

Hello all! I have some more great news! My good friend and Personal Muse, K. Bran Bardsley, is offering her NaNoWriMo winning book, Myth & Madness The Prisoners of Solvor, for free on Kindle this weekend, May 26th through May 27th! Please visit her page from the link above to read a sample from the book.

There are a lot of !'s up there, that's because I believe this book will knock your socks off. It's some of the best writing I've ever read. I feel it in my soul that you'll be taken by this book and the author's writing. I hope you'll check it out.

Learn more about K. Bran Bardsley on her blog and read some reviews of Myth & Madness there as well. Here are a few ....


Praise for "The Prisoners of Sólvor"

"The most unique combination of fantasy races and supernatural elements to be poured into fiction in recent memory, MYTH & MADNESS is a psychological romp through a dark and dystopian world of anti-heroes. Sólvor will give you zombies and dragons, angels and orcs, knights and spirits, even werewolves. Each element is pulled into a seamless extravaganza of action and subtlety you won't want to miss. A gritty, gripping, up-all-nighter."


"I'm an avid fantasy reader and would only suggest you get this book if you are prepared to be sitting on the edge of your seat completely oblivious to reality until the last page. It has an amazing original storyline with unexpected plot twists and great character depth. Everything to make me laugh and cry and forget about anything but the book. Great writing, great book, I highly recommend to everyone!!"


"MYTH & MADNESS: The Prisoners of Sólvor is a solid bit of fantasy everyone should read! Ask yourself how would you deal with multiple voices in your noggin?"


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