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Next Best Thing Challenge

Posted by M.L. Falconer on 2:46 AM

A few days ago, I was tagged to participate in the ‘Next Best Thing Challenge’ by a wonderful writer and a good friend, L.J. Kentowski. Thanks, L.J. , you know you rock but I’m going to tell you again anyway. L.J. has a wonderful blog, and you would be grievously vexed if you didn’t swing over to meet her; specifically on Wednesdays for her perception stirring “What’s Your Take Wednesday” posts and Sundays for her amazing Six Sentence Sunday posts.  

The rules of this challenge are simple:

  • Answer the 10 NBTC questions below
  • Spread the fun and tag 5 awesome people to participate.

So, here we go!

1.) What is the title of your book/WIP?

The title of one of my many WIP’s is Scarlet Reign, Book #2 in the Ghost Writer series. (No I haven’t yet finished Book #1. My bane; I explain further on #6. 

2.) Where did the idea for the book come from?

The idea for Ghost Writer, Book #1, came to me in dreams, several of them. I took down copious notes … four or five notebooks full. All the dreams seemed connected, i.e. the same story. But, as time went on I realized they were not the same … they were similar, but not the same. So, I sorted them and a portion became Scarlet Reign, Book #2.

3.) What genre would your book fall under?

Paranormal Thriller with a splash of Romance, and a side of fries with a chocolate shake. Ugh. That’s my nasty diet talking there. I hate not being able to eat carbs.

4.) What actors would you choose for your characters to play in a movie rendition?

This oughta be good! ;)

Scott Speedman as Daniel Fallon

Kate Beckinsale as Kate

Lee Majors as Drake Fallon (Yes, the guy from The Six Million Dollar Man ;)

Richard Kline as Rick

Paula Dean as Raedean

Don Stroud as Sheriff Hap Tallman

Summer Glau as Lisa

5.) What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?

Daniel Fallon is a writer, harboring a passionate love affair with his characters; when they turn on him, however, he must delve deep into his own story to save his love, Kate, and face the darkest part of himself. 

6.) Is your book published or represented?

Unfortunately it’s nowhere near being done. My writing life is a funny one, one that would cause many to question my title as a writer. My stories “haunt” me, for lack of a better word. They come to me in dreams or while I’m out driving, walking through the park or in the shower. I capture what my characters tell me and, more specifically, what they “show” me. Then I have to take all those notes and puzzle out which story they fit into and sort them. My stories don’t come together in a linear fashion. I then take my notebooks full of scenes from several different WIP’s, and jigsaw them together by story and then fill in the missing pieces. 

7.)  How long did it take you to write?

Heavy Sigh … 52 years. Oh wait, I’m only 42. Ok, 42 years. Alright, more realistically, my first dreams of the series came to me when I was, roughly, 22. So 20 years I’ve been collecting notes, snippets, dialog and scenes for them. I have a lot of notes on 12 WIP’s and nothing finished, save for one short story, and that still needs a lot of help. I know, I have to finish something to call myself a writer.

8.) What other books in your genre would you compare it to?

That’s tough actually. It’s not a cookie cutter book. In premise, it most resembles The Dark Half by Stephen King. I would not compare my writing, specifically, to Mr. King lest I insult the man, and I’ve not thought of it before as horror, though maybe there are some horror elements. Hmm. That notion is a new one to me. Scarlet Reign may be horror. Still, mostly paranormal.  

9.) Which authors inspired you to write this book?

Stephen King, obviously, Sir Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson, Ray Bradbury, Alfred Hitchcock, … oh was I not supposed to name them all? Ok, I’ll leave the rest.

10.) Tell us anything else that might pique our interest in your book.

Ghost Writer, (book #1) focuses on Drake Fallon, when Daniel was just a little boy. Scarlet Reign, (book #2) is, of course, Daniel’s story when he’s an adult and following in his father’s footsteps. I also have another novel idea percolating that would be more intrigue type stuff and it’s tentatively fitting in as a prequel to Ghost Writer, with events that take us into Drake’s mysterious tour in Vietnam. 

Now I pass the “Next Best Thing Challenge” on to five amazing writers that I would love to learn more about.


LOVE your 1 sentence synopsis M.L.! Bravo! Oh, and the cast of characters is very intriguing as well. A big thing that stuck out to me is that you ARE a writer. No matter if you ever finish any of these ideas in your head. I've seen your writing. It's beautiful and you have every right to call yourself a writer. Never forget that. Great post :)

And thanks for the shout out :)

Ok, I'm seriously intrigued. What an original and amazing plot idea. I'd really love to see you concentrate on one of these (especially Scarlett Reign book #2). Of course you are a writer! No one spends that many years weaving ideas, taking notes, and spinning tales. And what a diverse cast list. Wow! Awesome post, M.L.!

You girls are truly amazing. I felt that starting this blog would be the thing i needed to get my passion for writing back. because of the blog i've met amazing people like you who are wonderful writers. you all brimg out the inspiration in me and the passion again. thank you so much for your kind words. you make me feel like I could accomplush anything.

Sorry... late commenting.
Totally agree with everything LJ and Mae said. Fab cast of characters! And I had no idea Scarlet Reigh was a book 2! I totlly missed that.
But seriously Mel.... you ARE a writer. Its in your blood, in the air you live and breath. Published or not, you're a writer through and and through!
Fab post!

Awe! I'm thrilled :-) Thank you, M.L.

I've not yet visited L.J. on a Wednesday! I didn't realize that she does a weekly post on "What's Your Take?"

M.L., your book premise gave me goosebumps. Fascinating. And that it came to you in dreams makes it ten times better!

Your one sentence synopsis is awesome--and a tough act to follow. I am so glad that you found inspiration through blogging. It has been my experience that the writing community (for the most part) is the most generous, helpful, and encouraging group of people I've ever come across.

Thanks again! I'm doing a book launch tour post (for "The Evelyn Project") on Tuesday. I'm going to pencil in this for sometime between then and Sunday. :-)

thank you so much for the kind words, Loni. it means the world to me. The friends I have met the past few months give me more confidence than I have ever had.

Teresa, I appologize to you for my lack of officially notifying of my tagging you for this. I rushed off to the cabin before I had time to notify any of my taggees. I'm so glad my one line synopsis was well recieved. it was so much harder to write than I imagined. now I hope the story gives you goose bumps as well. Thank you for your wonderful comment.

Wow, thanks for tagging me. I'm often at a loss for things to put in my blog.

Very nice information about your story. What a fascinating genesis for it. Excellent synopsis too. Good luck with getting the words down.

:-) Hey M.L... I just blogged the Lucky Seven meme--and chose you as one of my seven. I mentioned you in it :-D <------ Big smile. I am planning on doing this challenge next week. The one sentence synopsis has me stymied, lol!

You are welcome, Elin. You are one who I'd love to learn more about your work and I felt this would be a great way to do so. I look forward to your post.

Teresa, that one sentence synopsis clobbered me too. So much more difficult than I'd imagined. Thank you so much for your wonderful mention on your blog. I'm very flattered by your words. I'll strive to make my Lucky Seven meme post on Monday, 23rd.

ML, just stopped by to see if you've posted a SSS snippet. And...I have not forgotten about the Next Big Thing. I have most of it in draft. Finally decided on my dream movie cast ;-) lol...but that one sentence synopsis. lol...oy!

lol... that one liner got me too. It's tough! ;)

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