Saturday, May 5, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: My First Six

Posted by M.L. Falconer on 11:10 PM

My first Six Sentence Sunday post comes from my novel Scarlet Reign. The main character Daniel has traveled back to his home town to settle his father’s affairs after his untimely death. Here, as he’s just arriving in town, he runs into an ex-flame while having lunch at the local diner.

         ~   “I’ve missed you Kate,” I say. There’s no need to turn around. The fragrance had anchored itself to her, branding my consciousness with her face and with it, images of walks along the View, laughing until our mouths hurt, and making snow angels and hot chocolate. There were even images of kissing in the moonlight, though our relationship fell short of that. I had even immortalized her in my Kate Darkstar mystery’s.
            “You remember my name, I’m impressed college boy.” ~

I hope you enjoyed this. Next week I’ll post the next Six in the story and I’ll continue this way as linearly as possible.

Please visit the Six Sentence Sunday posts of a few of my favorite authors here: Krystal Wade, Kelly Seguin, L.J. Kentowski and Jess Schira. Find links to all Six Sentence Sunday participants at the official web site.

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I like the fragrance sparking memories that never actually happened. That's a nice touch. Good six :)

Loved this! Brings great mental images to the reader of what he is associating with Kate. Great 6! Can't wait for more!

Thank you girls. I'm walking on glass with everything I post, it's so amazing to know it's well received. It's so much like sending your infant children out to play.

Wendy: I had my doubts about that but I know the mind is so powerful it can fill in details simply from desires of the hear. That's what I was going for. And the fragrance he smells is her perfume, it always gives her away. ;) There is no way she can sneak up on him.

Oh I'm very intrigued now. Loved the mental picture of Kate he gave us. I'm definitely coming back for more! Great Six!

Oh this sounds good!! I was transported by that flash of memory!

World of My Imagination

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments Loni and Nicole. I just found Nicole's blog through the Writer's Digest Community and I've been enjoying it for over an hour. Wonderful blog. I've added it to my favorites. Thank you all for stopping by.

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