Sunday, June 10, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Sunrise over Newcastle

Posted by M.L. Falconer on 12:08 AM

I hope you have all had a great week. It's been slightly stormy in my neck of the woods, though I must be part duck; I love this weather. Not much in life is more cozy than writing next to a window with a rain storm brewing outside and hot chocolate warming me on the inside.

So, welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday. Today is the day that nearly 200 writers post six sentences of a work in progress. I'm here to tell you, it's amazing the detail many of these artists can put into a mere six sentences. 

For my part, this Sunday's bit comes from Chapter 2 of my novel in progress, Scarlet Reign. It's the morning after Daniel has arrived in Newcastle and Kate has driven over for a visit. 

          ~The sunrise this morning is dull, pastel red with a hint of orange. It pressed last night’s storm back, but it’s strangely ominous within itself. A few hot air balloons hover along the ridge across the valley, just beyond the golf course that dad’s house overlooks.
            Shortly after nine a.m. Kate’s emerald green Grand Prix turns into the drive. She steps out and moves up the path to the back porch.
            “Hey best friend,” I say.~ 

Please, support these amazing artists and blog hop to other Six Sentence Sunday posts; you won't be disappointed.  Here are a few of my very favorite Sixers: Mackenzie Crowne, L.J. Kentowski, Mae Clair, Wendy S. Russo, Loni Flowers and Kelly Seguin

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you enjoy your stay here. 


Your descriptions are wonderful M.L.! I never have a problem visualizing the scene! Great 6!

Love the descriptions! Especially the hot air balloons and the colors. The balloons remind me of New Mexico, where I grew up. Now, I'm wondering who the best friend is!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I haven't been on my teaching blog in a while and it was nice to see your comments. I only have two more days with my students and have a summer break. Yee haw!

Great description of the sunrise and the balloons.

I love the detail about the hot air balloons. They're magical just by being around. thanks for the mention!

The descriptions and the car give a strong sense of both characters. Great six!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I love those mornings here in Boise when hot air balloons speckle the mountain side of the valley. The image is so powerful I had to find a way to put it into a story.

I'm grateful for you all coming by.

Good descriptions, M.L. It placed my mind right in that world. You've packed a lot of information in a few sentences without affecting a smooth flow. Nice six!

It is so nice to meet someone who knows what whistlepigs are. The farmers just hate them, you know. But, even with their destructive natures--digging huge holes and piling up enormous mounds of dirt in farmers' fields--and eating tons of soybeans, I find them fascinating. My husband and I walked up the lane Friday to watch the sunset. It is open to the west there, with a nice, wide vista of contoured fields. The farm on which I grew up. A whistlepig was in the middle of the field, munching away, and I whistled a long, clear, ascending note. It immediately rose up onto its haunches and listened. I did it two more times and it took off for its burrow, vanishing in seconds. The call of alarm. :-)

Thank you for stopping by Teresa. Love the Whistle Pig recollection. It's interesting to get a positive take on them when there is so much negative talk. I really do look forward to learning more about Whistle pig Hill.

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